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All bangles are adjustable. Just bend the bangle to fit your size. Don’t worry, it won’t break.


Our bangles are made of stainless steel and are scratch resistant. They do not contain nickel and are allergy-free.

The story of OLLA

Good words are powerful. They inspire, motivate and give us the courage TO BE a better person. Or empower us just TO BE. In Estonian, OLLA means TO BE. BEING is something that is always with us.

OLLA jewellery bears the same message; encouraging words TO BEcome visual, TO BEcome alive. Always carry a memorable quote or a meaningful message with you and BE all you wish TO BE.


All things tend to wear off over time. If anything should happen, we are there for you at www.ollabangles.com.

Wear it everywhere

OLLA jewellery is lightweight and comfortable. Wear it at home, at work, while doing sports or at festive occasions.

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