Being is something that goes with us through time – to be in the present, in the future, in the past. Be the best version of yourself now and now, BE happier, BE a good child, mother or grandmother; BE inspired, BE a giver, sometimes just BE. This sequence is endless, and this endlessness is created by today’s uninterrupted flow of information from different media, saying that it is even more violent, even slimmer, even more independent – different messages flow uninterruptedly. OLLA jewelry gives you the opportunity to emphasize and remember what makes you happy, characterizes, inspires you. Being jewelry with a message is like a daily reminder to the wearer, what would he like to be?

My mother has ten grandchildren. And she has one special piece of jewelry. A silver bracelet with small hearts and sequins, each with the name of one grandchild. This chain was given to her by my sister, who lives in America, after the birth of her fourth grandchild. Whenever there is a moment or event where the mother wants to feel that all the children who live far away from her, be they in Tartu, Tallinn or America, are always with her, she wears this jewelry. Because at heart they are anyway.

One family anniversary, I admired the jewelry again and wondered why these extra hearts and stones had to be ordered from America. And not at all, many mothers and grandmothers don’t, but probably many would be happy if they did. At the same time, it is difficult to wear jeweled food on a daily basis, and in addition to children’s names, various other mantras could also be worn.

I got tools and materials to make bracelets. In addition, I found different jewelry that has the same meaning – BE ALWAYS with the person, to remind you of what is really important for you. I threw away a pretty good amount of material that wasn’t high enough to make sure the wearer felt good. I found fierce partners who have the technology and skills to get quality that I don’t have.

That’s how the first OLLA jewelry was made. Bracelets that carry messages that inspire, motivate or characterize their wearer. Necklaces that are beautiful and carry a message that would help the wearer remember that sometimes you need to breathe and something just happens.

All of these jewelry with a message are for the wearer who feels that sometimes the word and thought you have embraced will gain extra strength. This is a non-touch message, so it won’t be buried under a fresh news feed and can’t be deleted or erased. It helps you to be yourself. That’s why I make OLLA jewelry so you can wear it.